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Hacker + Security Analyst

I hack into web applications. (legally)


Rojan Rijal

I'm a Los Angeles based security analyst. I do freelance security research and participate in bug bounty programs. Currently, I work as Security Analyst at HackerOne. My security research focuses mainly on web application and basic security standards that they need to follow. Besides hacking, I am also a developer. I like to program web applications however primarily I do backend server designing and programming. This allows me to focus on security standars for the web servers that will host web applications..

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What I Do


Security Analyst


Public Speaking

Security Research 90%
Programmer 90%
Public Speaking 70%

Companies I have assisted

As part of security researcher, I like to participate in bug bounty programs. Through that I have worked with companies like Uber, Snapchat, Slack, Google and many more to submit valid security reports to their program.

I have also been recognized as the top 10 researcher in Hack the Pentagon program.

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